Acoustic Neuroma - A Reference Guide (BONUS DOWNLOADS)

The Hill Resource and Reference Guide, #5
by Joseph Estenson

Publisher: Capitol Hill Press

Series: The Hill Resource and Reference Guide

Publication Date: August 03, 2015

ISBN: 9781516363254

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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18 Health and Disease Professional Textbooks (over 5,300 pages) For Your E-Reader

* BONUS Encyclopedia of Disease (14 volumes, 4,625 pages)
* BONUS Dictionary of Clinical Research Terms (268 pages)
* BONUS Dictionary of Psychiatry Terminology (167 pages)
* BONUS The Complete Guide to Alternative and Complementary Medicine (135 pages)
* BONUS The Truth About Herbal Cures (106 pages)

Series Description

The Hill Resource and Reference Guide series is a comprehensive and authoritative source of quality health research sources for both the layperson and medical health professional. Each guide compiles the most important bibliographic scientific research materials for one specific disease or health disorder. A breakthrough text on researching disease each volume also explores the basics of researching medical conditions online and provides direct access to research databases used by all renowned professional medical scientists. Each volume is organized in reference format allowing the reader to go directly to any chapter without first reading a preceding chapter. Logically arranged separate chapters cover:

Epidemiology - distribution of disease
Etiology or Aetiology - disease cause and risk factors
Diagnosis - disease identification
Signs and Symptoms - physical and psychological nature of disease
Pathophysiology - the body's response to disease
Treatment and Therapy - methods to relieve or heal a disorder
Prognosis - likely course or outcome of a medical condition

Additional sections also provide readers with best resources ...