Creating Criminals
by George Pavlich & Matthew P. Unger
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Publisher: UBC Press

Series: Law and Society

Publication Date: November 29, 2016

ISBN: 9780774833776

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The punitive effects of accusations that lead to criminalization have received considerable attention. Less well documented is the actual role, process, and meaning of accusation per se. This collection of essays sets out the terms of a new debate about a largely overlooked but foundational dimension of criminalizing justice; namely, accusation.

Criminal accusation, however, does more than define the outer borders of criminal justice institutions. It is directly implicated in providing a steady flow of potential criminals who are fed into expanding criminal justice arenas. Despite the basic politics through which legal persons are selected to face possible criminalization, there are few analyses directed at how accusation works in theoretical, historical, criminological, social, cultural, and procedural realms. By highlighting the constitutive role of criminal accusation on individuals, the judicial system, and society as a whole, this book establishes an important new field of inquiry.