According to My Angels

by Alison Knox
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781504343923

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The artist; Alison Knox shares her own, up close and very personal, story of awakening to working with angels, told in her own inimitable voice. A journey of challenge; discovery, and at times a little stubborn resistance, unfolds to fully embrace the miracle that has become so readily identifiable as EVeRYDaY ANGeLS. Since the first angel showed up through Alison brushes on November 22nd 2001, narrowly avoiding being thrown in the bin, she has learned to welcome and deliver untold thousands into the world, undertaking her work with a serious amount of alacrity, commitment and a warm embrace of the Divine. This book is a labour of love: a collaborative accord between human and angels. Thanks for this lovely book. It is wonderful! I am moved many times as the story unfolds, and appreciate your frankness, clarity, and vulnerability. You have done a great job searching your soul and offering ways for others to view the journey of spiritual and heart unfolding as the ordinary and extraordinary being that you are. You have truly captured the ins and outs, through your revelations, that we all have to move through in order to balance the worlds of the above and below. I send you many blessings and auspiciousness in its publication and the wide readership that will be affected through your heart, your story, your journey and your souls path. In gratitude and appreciation, x Flo Aeveia Magdalena author of I Remember Union and Sunlight on Water , Founder of Soul Support Systems