A Way with Process

by Stephano Sabetti
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Publisher: Life Energy Media

Publication Date: August 05, 2015

ISBN: 9780937725627

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A Way With Process is an invaluable sourcebook that is a confluent compilation of psychological, expressive, educational, organizational and spiritual definitions derived from almost forty years of insight in professional and spiritual life. During this time, St├Ęphano has been sharing his insights, developing his psychological assessments and offering the spiritual connections-interpretations in the twelve forms of Life Energy Process (L.E.P.), the further journey into spirituality with the Path of No Way (P.O.N.W) and multiple books ranging from many topics, including freedom and fear to being and no-thingness and organizational success as an energetic process. St├Ęphano has been able to draw an intrinsic connection between what is generally thought of as psychological and what is spiritual, understanding that spirituality is the core of the psychological, and the psychological is the personal expression of an ultimate spiritual reality. The merging of the two perspectives shows us how the ego serves the Absolute, as the professional assists the sacred and vice versa. In effect, the spirituality of psychology is for us to see the essential Oneness in our personal issues. Similarly, the psychology of spirituality is to accept our humanness - with its attendant needs and individual paths. Both fields of study are resources - if they are understood fundamentally and used as complements. His development of many neologisms is testimony to the need to find words that express processes that have many levels of usage - unavailable until now.