A Vedic Reader For Students

by Arthur Anthony Macdonell

Publisher: Bhoomi Digital Apps.

Publication Date: December 12, 2016

ISBN: 1230001467499

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A Vedic Reader For Students
By Arthur Anthony Macdonell

“The gods were conceived as human in appearance. Their bodily parts, which are frequently mentioned, are in many instances simply figurative illustrations of the phenomena of nature represented by them. Thus the arms of the Sun are nothing more than his rays and the tongue and limbs of Agni merely denote his flames. Some of the gods appear equipped as warriors, especially Indra, others are described as priests, especially Agni and Brhaspati. All of them drive through the air in cars, drawn chiefly by steeds, but sometimes by other animals.”

Excerpts from a Vedic Reader for Students is a great and often revelatory introduction for all students of Hinduism, who want to gain a grater understand of the Rigveda. Written in 1917 by the noted Sanskrit scholar Sir Arthur Anthony Macdonell, it still stands as one of the great guides to understanding the Rigveda. This book was written with the sole purpose of introducing people to the profound and timeless teachings of the Vedas.