Augural Recrescendoes of Covenantal Kairos
by Michael D. O’Kelly
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 13, 2018

ISBN: 9781532031182

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Our world-planet is changing so fast! Amazons expanded its Robot Army from 1400 in 2013 to 45,000 in 2016. Climates changing faster than deniers denials. In the USA, 1 in 3 people are NONES in religious affiliation versus 1 in 10 thirty years ago. The Moores Law of computer chip speed says well be computing-connecting in 2025 64 times faster than 4 years ago. The New Age of Universal Quantum Computers will manifest patterns of data at depths of complexity that will transform humanity. Plans to colonize Mars are underway. Facebook plans to make our brains telepathic. Terrorism is daily. The deep personal touch of self with selves and selves with nature is vulnerable to confusion. Our spiritual world is under siege. Gateways and breakthroughs to demanding futures need new bridging-infrastructure-covenanting designs. AUGURIES promotes an (not the) ANSWeR to A NEW SPIRITUALITY WE ARE. It gardens depths of backyard covenanting with chip-digital cybernetics living next door. Transformative sciences are everywhere: chips for the bods and syncs for the bots. Book I of this Trilogy-ALTARPIECES, was a sound book of the primal-sound Ah to AHHH! to AUM and to Apokstrophes. Book II, SYMPATHIES, was an Aoide song and prayer2player book of things coming into themselves by belonging together and the enchoiring of sympathies. Book III, AUGURIES, tells ATALE of performance and palindromes: strategies of covenantal existence. Its big play is futuring humanitys global based spirituality. (Not as a religion!) This is known: we are on this planet, without a master-key to the mystery. There are patterns-forms-resonances that orientaugur --- us to be in the world as the humans we are. Auguries explores three primal laws of existence: Predation and Procreation (everywhere theres anything); the third is The Prosperoion -- our uniquely human-Eartharion play of consciousness and will-to-prosper-- which forms the CORE dynamic of Book III. This picture is the author as a Prospero of today.