A Talk to a Spirit...

by Rafig Y. Aliyev
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Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781490712673

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The book is dedicated to Tofig Gasim Oghlu Kocharly, academician, a wonderful man and talented historian. The thoughts are transmitted in a form of a dialogue with him. The author has chosen this style exclusively as a sign of deep respect to his blessed memory. Such an approach seems to give readers an opportunity to feel his presence best of all. The book is dedicated to the blessed memory of my wife Nushaba khanims uncle, Prof. Tofig Kocharly, a historian, recognized public figure, speaker, wonderful and joyful interlocutor, and famous researcher on the history of Garabagh, a pearl of Azerbaijan, where I was born, grew up in, and studied. May his soul shine in heavens, among stars, like on the cover of the given book. I was talking to him at that state of heart though he was keeping silent, just changing his facial expression from time to time. All this underlie the book, A Talk to a Spirit. May Allah save all of us and take the souls of those who left a rich instructive heritage of life I am sure that life on earth is worthy of saving the relation with those who are close and dear