A Survey of Gay Literature, Volume One: From Homer Through Lord Byron

by Keith Hale

Publisher: Watersgreen House

Publication Date: December 26, 2018

ISBN: 9781370951871

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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A Survey of Gay Literature Volume One is a collection of literature devoted to same-sex attraction from antiquity through Lord Byron. This book and its companion, Volume Two, are also available in a single-volume edition. Included in this volume are works by Homer, Solon, Sappho, the Old Testament, Anacreon, Theognis, Pindar, Plato, Xenophon, Callimachus, Meleager, Catullus, Virgil, Horace, Petronius, Plutarch, Ovid, Aelian, Strato, Agathius, Rumi, Sa'di, Hafiz, Michelangelo, Montaigne, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Richard Barnfield, Katherine Philips, Aphra Behn, Anna Seward, and Lord Byron.