A Second Opinion - An Insight Into Good Health, Disease and Our Relationships With Them

by Laurence Hattersley
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Publication Date: August 23, 2015

ISBN: 9781326395391

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How do we feel about having good health and disease? Do we have a relationship with them? Orthodox medicine sees only structures, from large structures right down to chemicals. It can treat you, but does not know how to make you well. This book reveals the belief systems of medicine. Nowadays orthodox medicine has become our core belief system. It can see 'normality' and 'disease' but does not understand good health. No matter what treatment you get, afterwards you have to heal. In truth we have relationships with our diseases. Aristotle didn’t include pain as one of the five senses. He saw it as a ‘passion of the soul’; an emotion. Everything in our lives has emotional content. They are our experience of the moment. We have relationships with all things inside us as well as all things outside us. By changing the nature of that relationship, we change our suffering. Medicine has one opinion. This is a second opinion