A Revelation from God

A Look into Our Future
by Prophetess Ruby Clark
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Publisher: LifeRich Publishing

Publication Date: August 31, 2018

ISBN: 9781489718297

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The book of Revelation is a foretelling of all future events that will happen here on the earth during these last days, and the fulfilling of these events will bring to a conclusion this imperfect world, its order, and its lifestyle as we know it. The book of Revelation gives us an advanced look into the future of mankind. The Bible tells us about all the things that will occur during this time period in history. The war that is now being waged by the devil and the kingdom of darkness, is for total control of Gods kingdom. God tell us that at end of this war the devil will lose and He will be victorious, and set up his eternal kingdom. This is the time for all who are not saved to repent of their sins and ask Jesus for salvation. It is also the time for all those who are backslidden to come back to Jesus and be restored while there is still time. For all of us, understanding Gods prophetic revelation is a first step toward being spiritually prepared for the last days, when we will finally escape this world through Jesus Christ and enjoy eternal life with him forever.