A Preacher's Tales

by Henry A. Buchanan
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781463414504

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A Preachers Tales is a book about preachers who are unusual, sometimes eccentric people. Buchanan is one of them. In fact, a little bit of him is to be found in many, if not most of them.

Buchanan is tolerant of all of them, and a few of them he even loves, or likes because they are so much like him. The prime redeeming feature in all of them is humor. Some of the things the preachers do and say are downright funny, but mostly the humor is subtle and only crops up after the reader has read and thought and reflected on what happened and what was told.

Its not all humorous. Preaching is a serious business. The Preacher deals with a profound issue. He is holding Gods Hand with one hand and a mans hand with the other. What the preacher says and does may determine the course of human events because in some measure it reflects or communicates the mind and the saving grace of God.

Behold here the Preacher Man at work and at play.