A Practical Guide to the Histology of the Mouse

by Cheryl L. Scudamore

Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: May 18, 2016

ISBN: 9781118789476

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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A Practical Guide to the Histology of the Mouse provides a full-colour atlas of mouse histology. Mouse models of disease are used extensively in biomedical research with many hundreds of new models being generated each year. Complete phenotypic analysis of all of these models can benefit from histologic review of the tissues.

This book is aimed at veterinary and medical pathologists who are unfamiliar with mouse tissues and scientists who wish to evaluate their own mouse models. It provides practical guidance on the collection, sampling and analysis of mouse tissue samples in order to maximize the information that can be gained from these tissues. As well as illustrating the normal microscopic anatomy of the mouse, the book also describes and explains the common anatomic variations, artefacts associated with tissue collection and background lesions to help the scientist to distinguish these changes from experimentally- induced lesions.

This will be an essential bench-side companion for researchers and practitioners looking for an accessible and well-illustrated guide to mouse pathology.

  • Written by experienced pathologists and specifically tailored to the needs of scientists and histologists
  • Full colour throughout
  • Provides advice on sampling tissues, necropsy and recording data
  • Includes common anatomic variations, background lesions and artefacts which will help non-experts understand whether histologic variations seen are part of the normal background or related to their experimental manipulation