A Personal Relationship

by Claude Pitout
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Publisher: Booktango

Publication Date: July 01, 2015

ISBN: 9781468934298

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This is no idea or new concept, "A Personal Relationship" involves and teaches one on a path that is not religious, that one need not necessarily need to go to church in order to believe in God but that one can have a personal relationship with God in the comfort of their home and thus came about the name "A Personal Relationship." A personal relationship being non religious does not matter what religion, faith or path you are from as not only are all these paths but part of the stream that lead to the ultimate source but that "a personal relationship" should be the base to all religions, faiths or paths as it is your one on one personal experience with God that matters. "A Personal Relationship" provides one with a basic foundation rooted in belief, trust and faith and then goes on to teach one crucial aspects to a relationship with God like gratitude and forgiveness. The book then takes you into a path of goodness and talks about the principle to love one another, to bring you into right relation with God so that you can have a fruitful and fulfilling path and life with God.