A New Way of Being: How to Rewire Your Brain and Take Control of Your Life

by Dan Desmarques

Publisher: 22 Lions Bookstore

Publication Date: May 05, 2019

ISBN: 9781386234111

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The consciousness of the soul manifests itself in several planes of reality interconnected with each other. In all these planes, there is the permanence of the unique spirit of the being. Therefore, the spirit can manifest itself in different space-time constructs. This explains why it is possible to perform astral travels to other planets or to make quantum leaps to parallel realities. On the other hand, whenever the soul incarnates in a certain plane of reality, as for example, the planet earth, it can incarnate in different periods of history, without there being a temporal obligatory cycle as we know it. Thus, a human being of the future can easily reincarnate in any past period of time and vice versa. This is why time is not only an illusion, scientifically verifiable, but also a necessary illusion, like so many others.

Along this line of perceptions, we must know and explore all these dynamics with a pragmatic perspective, and we begin this by asking: "who are we and why do we live?" These questions, among many others, are clarified here, leading to a better understanding of the mechanism of life. In fact, "all truths are easy to understand as soon as they are discovered; the difficulty is to discover them "(Galileo Galilei). Throughout the several chapters, a linear spiritual approach is presented, cross-referenced with different religious, as well as gnostic, perspectives, while focusing on empirical premises. In this way, the idea of knowing how to live without the fear of chaos is promoted, allowing learnings which lead to greater happiness and success in life.