A New Formula for Creation

The Miracle of Immortal Love
by Judith K. Moore

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

Publication Date: April 12, 2017

ISBN: 9781622336142

Binding: Kobo eBook

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This book brings an inspiring positive message regarding the future of our planet. Earth is experiencing the Shift of the Ages, a time marked by massive Earth changes and social upheaval. This is foretold in many prophecies, including Hopi prophecies and the biblical Revelations. They warn that raising consciousness is the only way to avert a massive cataclysm. The message in this book is unique, for it speaks of a grand cosmic plan in which Earth plays a crucial role. Our planet has gone through seven cycles of Creation, ending in destruction. It is now completing the eighth cycle and will not enter destruction. The ninth cycle of Creation will be in the Now consciousness of harmony, unity, and oneness. The world as we know it is a holographic projection manifested by the ultimate force of Creation, which is love. A distortion developed in this hologram, a dense energy that separated and did not know itself as part of the love of Creation. This resulted in the cycles, and a new Creation had to rise from the ashes of the old. This distortion is identified as a "chip" in the blueprint of Creation. The chip has been discovered and removed. A new Creation is being birthed — a Creation not impeded by the distortion, which manifests as fear, hatred, greed, and power. A new "life unto life" principle of Creation is coming into being, eliminating cyclical destruction.

 "Judith Moore's new book, A New Formula for Creation, is a must read if you want to know how the Divine plan is manifesting the transformations occurring on planet Earth now. A new multidimensional cosmic order of interconnectedness at the micro and macro levels is explained in a new light, from the ultimate source of consciousness to the emanation of vibrations, to sound and light, to form and then to matter. When I started reading this book, I could not stop." 

— Fadel Behman, PhD