A Mother’S Love Forever

“Spiritual Phenomena Based on True Facts”
by Christine M. Shannon
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: February 08, 2018

ISBN: 9781504396035

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Christine M. Shannons mother was only sixty-five-years old when she died in 1997, and the death left a void in Christines life. Nine years later, her mother appeared to her and visited her in her dreams. Christine tried hard to grasp the message and finally determined her mother was warning her about a cancer danger. After a few examinations, Christine was diagnosed with cervical cancer at age fifty-four. In A Mothers Love Forever, she narrates her story, describing the dreams, the tests, the diagnosis, the treatment, and her survival. Christine acknowledges the importance of the spiritual blessing she received from above. Offering insight into Christines experiences, A Mothers Love Forever helps other people suffering from cancer know they arent alone, and to understand everyones experience are unique. She shares her advice: Time heals all wounds mentally and physically. Stay positive, and believe in your inner strength. Its there when you need it most, and it will surely surprise you.