A Mommy's Road

Creative Approaches for Parenting
by Lori Koch
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Publisher: Mill City Press

Publication Date: September 25, 2015

ISBN: 9781634138000

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One day I caught myself yelling at the girls: “STOP YELLING!” Nothing happened, so I yelled louder. Then all of a sudden I actually heard what I was saying. As a lifelong storyteller and mom resource, Lori Koch realized her own experiences of raising three girls could easily be used as a learning opportunity for other parents. Just as adults read children stories to help them learn, Lori’s motto has always been that adults learn best through stories. Her debut book is an effective teaching memoir that allows parents to gain insight into parenting through relatable stories. Lori bares the reality of her family life with three girls as uniquely opposite as three can be. Included throughout A Mommy’s Road are helpful pop-out tips, and each chapter ends with Lori reflecting on her own rearview mirror. During these reflections, parents have the opportunity to see how Lori’s insight can be applied to their own road of parenting.