A Message for Mankind

by Jeanette Gordon
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Publisher: Balboa Press

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781452569949

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A Message for Mankind is a gift of love, guidance and hope for humanity in crisis. A bridge between traditional theology and new age philosophy, it echoes with ancient wisdom, while revealing a way forward.

It is offered to us by those who know us and love us, those who have been here before and who continue to exist beyond space and time. They are gently urging us to consciously choose a new direction.

Following the guidance found in A Message for Mankind, we can alter the trajectory of humanity and the planet we inhabit. By changing our minds about our relationships to one another and the world around us, we can change our present experience of life and fulfill our divine potential, both individually and collectively. By choosing to consciously evolve, we can transform our future to one of joyful cooperation: a future filled with peace and love.