A Layman’S Commentary Volume 4

Volume 4 - Books of the Major and Minor Prophets
by John Devine
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Publisher: Balboa Press AU

Publication Date: January 13, 2018

ISBN: 9781452512730

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In todays world, it can be difficult to maintain your faith. Those seeking a greater understanding of the Bible have numerous excellent theological commentaries available to them, but due to volume and depth, many of these are out of reach of laypeople. Others lose contact with the Bible because it no longer seems relevant to life. They use a superficial knowledge of science and evolution to exclude God and faith from their experiences.

The Laymans Commentary: Volume 4Books of the Major and Minor Prophets presents a passage by passage explanation of the seventeen books of the Bible, known as the Prophets. In this fourth volume, author John Devine covers the period from the division of the United Kingdom of Israel to the end of the Monarchy and the Return of the Remnant from exile in Babylon. He explains Gods continued self-revelation and plan for a relationship with humankind in his dealings with the nation of Israel. He considers the conflict and consequences of the desire of the individual to be independent from God. Further understanding of Gods moral standard, which has been the backbone of Western society, is given. Devine also lays out the basis for a full and rewarding relationship with God.

The fourth book in The Laymans Commentary series, Volume 4Books of the Major and Minor Prophets shows that the prophetic messages are still valid today because Gods character has not changed nor has the frailty of human nature. People look for an anointed One who will come and put all things right. Predicted by most of the prophets he is seen as the Hope of Israel, a prophet, priest and king who will include all nations of the earth in his eternal kingdom.