A Haunting Remembrance Book II

by B.G. Sawyer

Publisher: B.G. Sawyer

Publication Date: January 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781311014399

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The author of A Haunting Remembrance Book I invites you to continue to explore with her the horrors of coming of age in a home oppressed by malevolent spirits. A Haunting Remembrance Book II continues where the first book ended, with the author attempting to take control of the paranormal nightmare playing out daily in the lives of her and Fern.

Fatigued, desperate, and aware she is losing the battle, Sawyer seeks answers and assistance from her mother’s former pastor. As she mourns not only the loss of her mother, but the obvious loss of living the life of a normal teenager, Sawyer spirals into the depths of despair which leads to her making critical errors in managing the paranormal oppression in her home.
A Haunting Remembrance Book II will provide answers to questions about the home, the family, and where things stand today. In addition, the author goes into great detail about what the Bible says about angels, devils, ghosts, exorcisms, and demon possession. Readers are also provided with over 10 pages of revealing photos as well as a bonus 12-page Question and Answer chapter.

This book is not sensationalized for dramatic effect. It is a true account from the perspective of a child who was an Evangelical Christian. This book contains no profanity or pornographic content. Caution should be taken when allowing impressionable children to read this account.