A Catholic Layman Prays Hebrew Scripture: Applying Lectio Divina in the Spirit of Saint Benedict

by Luke Amato

Publisher: Lulu.com

Publication Date: April 30, 2018

ISBN: 9781387755844

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Can a Catholic layman, after READING Hebrew Scripture, dare to REFLECT UPON, RESPOND IN PRAYER & FORM SOUND RESOLUTIONS? One of Jewish faith may well have very different concepts. Certainly, we’re grateful for mutual sharing the following: faith in the One True G-d, Hebrew Scripture, Abraham’s Blessing, Ten Commandments, Prophets, Holy Land & a shared eternal destiny. Being a layman raises another question: Can one who has not studied Scripture derive real benefit? Well, besides rabbis, G-d inspired some rather ordinary people to write His Word, including farmers, tree dressers, shepherds, warriors, & slaves. In addition to the literal meaning of their words, aren’t there lessons for all of us about our behavior, trust, & eternal goals? This writer proposes that we can deepen these shared experiences by praying Scripture together, especially the Psalms.