A Case of Modern Day Pharisees

The Need for Holiness
by George E Pfautsch
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Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781468543230

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During his time on earth Jesus frequently warned the Pharisees that it was important that they administer their laws and procedures in a merciful and compassionate manner. He was not critical of their procedures which were passed down to them from Moses. His criticism was of the manner in which they applied such procedures. His warning to the Pharisees could have been a warning that was passed on to all generations since His time on earth. As much as ever the world we live in today is in need of greater mercy and compassion. The story of this book sorely indicates that some of the standards, procedures and rules that the Catholic Church today is using to deal with child sexual abuse cases also need to be applied in a manner Jesus requested of the Pharisees. The lack of mercy and compassion in this case has caused and still causes hundreds of children in Honduras each year to live a life of deprivation. The pleadings from Jesus was essentially one of greater holiness and love. This story needed and still needs such holiness and love.