A Call to Spiritual Awakening

by Uchenna Mezue

Publisher: eBookIt.com

Publication Date: January 26, 2017

ISBN: 9781456628017

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To understand ourselves, and fulfill our roles on earth we need to look into the records of time for our origin and purpose. Not in history books but in life itself! Each individual human spirit carries within its personality, as a totality of its identity, all the experiences and the level of maturity it has achieved since its first incarnation in the Worlds of Matter. Although we do not often tap into these for our path in life, it is these unique experiences that make us who we are. The capacity to weigh every experience, written and unwritten exists within us and we have only ourselves to blame if we fail to recognize the Truth in any given experience.

This book discusses the path of development for the human spirit in the Material spheres and draws attention to the paths in the Will of God we must follow if we are to fulfill the purpose of our existence.