A Cacophony of Treasured Finds

by B.J. Cline-Woodruff
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Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781466978744

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While sitting in the authors home, ones first impression is that of an overwhelming sense this lady is eccentric in her nature. But, that is just a part of her charm. As you look around her surroundings, you see trophies, awards and ribbons of an era gone by, when she was and still is an artist, sculptor, poet and writer, lining her shelves and walls. She appears quiet, even soulful, but as conversation continues, in the blink of an eye can become animated and childlike. Just in her 70s, this author resides in the deep, deep waters of Jesus Christ, from a Jewish prospective. In this, her fourth book: A Cacophony of Treasured Finds, she takes you down pathes way less traveled, in Scripture, and writes of subjects most leaders will not touch on. Maybe because they are more comfortable sipping the milk of the Word of God, or, have not yet had an opportunity to delve into, and study the deepness of the Word, and teach of these hidden truths. Maybe, out of fear? Fear they might loose their congregation? Fear they cannot or will not want to get off the milk of the Word? Or, perhaps, its the money they will lose if they get into the meat of the Word and loose half, or more of their congregation? This bold look at the Holy Scriptures takes you into a deeper level of Scripture and gives a whole different perspective than you are used to, and one where you are a spectator, looking on, at the subjects being written about. The authors book, this time, can be viewed as a workbook, having places sporadically for your notes. A study book for home or church gatherings, or just a wonderful learning-tool for yourself or your family as well. Finally! A book rich in content that will deepen your walk with our Lord Savior, Jesus. Giving you fresh insights, viewpoints, at the turn of every page, comparing them with Scripture from your very own Bible. Thank you, DeNyse Practical, well written, chock-full of insight and wisdom. Jim Collins Author of Good to Great.