A Brains-Centered Universe, I Think

by Mike Hicks
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781543460681

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Do you question if we were created? This isnt the supernatural in Genesis. This is a logical explanation of how we were createdimplications of the design. I question evolution of the parts of complex systems of the body dependent on other systems. I question every cell in the body being able to interpret a three-billion-digit number in a DNA. I get into the logistics of a mechanical impartial judgment and the logistics of a functional heaven and hell. I also go into the per capita exploitation of resources in this finite existence as well as the problems with the modern relationship and sexuality. All these in less than twenty-three thousand words. In the movie A Beautiful Mind, John Nash seeks a governing dynamic his whole career. I found one. It is in this book.