9 Alpha Females Tap Out Their Men: 2018's Toughest

by Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

Publication Date: December 18, 2018

ISBN: 9781386349303

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Katie and Kera are sisters and they have much in common. Both of these blonde ladies have thick, powerful thighs and an inner-drive to win. Read about their conquests and see pics of these amazing ladies. Katie and I have communicated for over three years and she was also nice enough to introduce me to Celine. Celine isn't quite as powerful as Katie or Kera but she is well schooled in jiujitsu and has tapped out her father! Read about the dynamics of that defeat and see pics of this wonderful lady!

Pamela and Rochelle are also sisters and Pamela and I met online about ten months ago. These Latina ladies are beautiful, thick-legged and determined to win. They have step-brothers and fortunately they all get along well. Their step-brothers, however, are not big, physical guys. They are smaller dudes who discover the fact that men are not always the stronger or tougher gender. The pics of these ladies will blow you away!

Bree and Leia are Asian ladies that are well-skilled in the art of Domination. I have met Leia and I can attest to the fact that this woman can put a man in his place several different ways. While these ladies are on the short side, they are also on the dangerous end of the spectrum. Beautiful…yes! Docile…NO! One look at these ladies and you'll fall in love!

We then profile Maria and Kelly, two of our most popular ladies from other books. Readers love the way these women have learned to use their strength and their training to gain a feeling of superiority in their lives. You will be so impressed with their curves, their smarts, their strength and their ability to make men tap out!

If you like strong, skilled, beautiful, dominant women, then you'll love this book! I have devoted much of my life to finding and learning about women like this and you'll enjoy every picture and every experience that these gals share! Check out all of my ebooks!

Katie and Kera are sisters and they have much in common.