850 Intriguing Questions about Judaism

True, False, or In Between
by Ronald L. Eisenberg
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Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Publication Date: June 17, 2015

ISBN: 9781442239470

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Both Jews and non-Jews alike have many misconceptions of Jewish teachings and practices. Some seemingly unusual statements about Jewish teachings and practices are actually true, whereas some apparently reasonable and popularly believed statements are false. Many statements regarding Jewish teachings and practice are partly true and partly false, requiring a more nuanced explanation of the true situation.

In 850 Intriguing Questions about Judaism: True, False, or In Between, Ronald L. Eisenberg explores a wide range of Jewish teachings and practices, discussing the degree to which they are true, false or a bit of both. Offered in question-and-answer format, readers are invited to explore with the author what they really know about Jewish life, history, holidays, and scripture. Eisenberg tackles all sorts of topics, from artificial insemination to organ donation and euthanasia, second day festivals in the Diaspora to the why really sound the shofar, from what the ner tamid signifies to Jewish “rules of war.” Throughout, Eisenberg takes a nuanced approach to his topics, laying the groundwork for a useful survey of what we ought to know better about Jews, Judaism, and Jewish teachings and practices.

This is perfect reference work for anyone curious about Judaism, Jewish life, and Jewish history, and who has ever wondered what the real answer was to the many questions they might have had.