7739The Dilemma of China's Dryland Agriculture in Inner Mongolia

Economic Growth, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainability The Difficulty to Develop the Idea of Environmentalism
by Cilia Neumann
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Publisher: Peter Lang

Publication Date: October 15, 2018

ISBN: 9783631746523

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China must increase its agricultural production and yields of staple crops to guarantee food security. This leads to ever-increasing agricultural land-use in Inner Mongolia and has contributed to the environmental problems visible today. Vast economic development and involvement in globalized markets have all left a measurable mark on Inner Mongolia’s environment. The author provides insight into Inner Mongolia’s dryland agriculture, its agitators, environmental, social and political obstacles as well as opportunities. Conducted in Inner Mongolia, her research illustrates the development process of a sustainable agriculture and the evolution of environmental awareness in an economically and ecologically underdeveloped region.