5,000 One Liners

The Second Ultimate Collection of One Liners
by Ray Prince
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Publisher: raymond prince

Publication Date: August 23, 2018

ISBN: 9780992384937

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Following the outstanding success of his first volume titled 4,000 One Liners, the author has delved into his archive and cobbled together a second volume of equally fascinating reflections of life. The new book 5,000 One Liners is a trove of humorous and thoughtful quotes which are sure to brighten the reader’s day and bring a smile.

*  It is word-smithing at its best; wit, humour, ideas, philosophy and memorable quotes are skillfully drawn together to surprise and prompt thought. Turn to any page and revel in the word play.*

This book is an all-rounder, suiting every occasion from an accompaniment to a quiet coffee or glass of wine to being a valuable handbook for speakers – both budding and accomplished. The generic appeal also guarantees its acceptance as a welcome gift.

* The topics include Business, Money, Time, Education, The Professions, Health and Doctors, Sex and Marriage, Family, Food and Drink, Holidays, Religion and Politics, among others.*

* The author has won the coveted Australian Toastmaster’s speaking competition. He also competed in the world finals in the USA. In his career as a management consultant he has been keenly sought after as a conference and dinner speaker.*

 Reviews of first volume, 4,000 One Liners

 *"We recommend that you have 4,000 bits of enjoyment!! And in daily increments, if that is your way! Humour is excellent medicine."      *Medical practitioner.

"Read this book and you’ll realise (if you don't know already) that life is absurdly amusing and the law is about life. Most entries contain a germ of wisdom, but all of them are funny and clever." Barrister at Law.

“As a long haul frequent flyer, I often take 4,000 One Liners with me to keep my mojo and sense of humor on the long trips. I enjoyed the book so much I purchased 50 copies for friends and business ...