50 Years of Indian Community in Singapore

by Gopinath Pillai & K Kesavapany
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Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

Series: World Scientific Series on Singapore's 50 Years of Nation-Building

Publication Date: July 04, 2016

ISBN: 9789813140608

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From Tamils to Malayalees, from Bengalis to Punjabis, the diverse Indian community in Singapore has played a large part in building the country. To understand the Indian community, one must know certain basic facts about them.

First is their love for culture which transcends religious and linguistic differences. Some of the best classical Hindustani singers are Muslims. The best Malayalam singer of Hindu religious songs is a Christian.

Second is their love of debates. Argument is part of Indian tradition because of the belief that truth can only be arrived at vigorous debate.

The third characteristic is the community's respect for education. Indians, across castes and religions have always venerated knowledge and learning as being a value in itself.

The fourth characteristic of the Indians is their devoutness: they take their religious duties seriously and perform them regularly.

This celebratory volume highlights the progress, contributions and challenges of the community for the past 50 years since Singapore's independence in 1965.


  • Foreword (S R Nathan)
  • A Place in the Sun (Gopinath Pillai)
  • Indians in the Modelling of the Global Metropolis (Rajesh Rai)
  • Singapore's Indian Heritage Centre: Curating and Negotiating Heritage, Diversity and Identity (Gauri Parimoo Krishnan)
  • Little India: 50 Years of Being and Doing 'Indian' in Singapore (Nirmala Srirekam Puru Shotam)
  • Indian Contribution to Visual and Performing Arts in Singapore*(Jaya Mohideen)*
  • Fifty Years of Singapore Tamil Literature (A Mani)
  • 'Rising from the Ashes': The Development of Hindi in Independent Singapore (Rajesh Rai)
  • Indian Writing in English (Meira Chand)
  • Indian Political Participation in Singapore (Asad Latif)
  • The Indian ...