31 Days

A Memoir of Seduction
by Marcia Gloster

Publisher: Fiction Studio Books

Publication Date: December 04, 2015

ISBN: 9781943486434

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Marcia Gloster was a college student traveling through Europe in the summer of 1963. When she arrived in Salzburg, Austria to study at Oskar Kokoschka’s School of Vision, she envisioned a month of intensive painting, never expecting to find herself swept into a passionate affair. Nor did she imagine her lover to be a married instructor with a long history of indiscretions. Even at a young age, Marcia knew how to protect her heart. But it had never been taken by a man as overwhelming and sensual as Bill Thomson. 

31 DAYS is the story of Marcia and Bill in Salzburg. 31 days that would redefine love, sex, passion, and permanence for a woman of twenty; and a month that would resonate in her life forever. 

Deeply sensual, intensely vivid, and achingly beautiful 31 DAYS is a memoir that lives in all of us.


“Both a glimpse into daily life at a famous art school, and a tempestuous love affair; a month-long saga of life transformed, memorable to the very end.” 
– Midwest Book Review 

“An elegant and eloquent narrative of seduction and sensual awakening, against the backdrop of the last summer of Kokoschka’s famed international art school in the historic city of Salzburg.” 
– Miriam Frank, author of MY INNOCENT ABSENCE 

“Beautifully written, sensual and heartfelt. Gloster captures the reader quickly, providing insights into the emotional workings of a young woman’s mind. I believe every woman will relate to this story. As a male I found it eye-opening.” 
– Robert Tulipan, author of ROCKIN' IN THE NEW WORLD