11.03.2001: 15.03.2001 A Tale of Turnaround

by Dr Kisholoy Roy

Publisher: Dr Kisholoy Roy

Publication Date: April 09, 2019

ISBN: 9780463438855

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The Test match played between India and Australia in March 2001 at the Eden Gardens certainly was one of the most superbly fought and won Test matches by India in cricketing history. There is little scope of finding another team earning such a victory under remotely similar circumstances. This was the Test match that altered the character of India’s playing XI. The Indians not just learnt to stay positive in adversity as a unit but also give a piece of their own shit if shit was passed on to them on field in any form. They were no more prepared to take things lying down. Therefore, a book themed on this iconic Test match was a requirement and I purely as a cricketing enthusiast have tried my level best to justify the requirement as an author.