101 Battle Tested P/R/ Strategies

For Independent Funeral Homes
by Tom Lord
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Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781466982345

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ARE YOU IN A LIFE OR DEATH BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL? Have you ever stood on the seashore just after a violent storm, and observed the crashing waves? In some areas, beaches are littered with wreckage of ships, and we shudder at their destruction. A mile or so down the beach, others may be standing on the edge of the water, with their surf boards, waiting for the next wave to recede, so they can follow it out, and ride the next one in. On one hand, disaster, on the other opportunity. How do funeral service professionals view this economic storm? Do they wonder how their funeral home can stay afloat in these turbulent economic waters, or go under like the Titanic. Funeral directors are experts at weathering economic typhoons and tornadoes. In my lifetime, I have seen them survive three major disasters, and come out better because of them.