1 & 2 Kings: An Introduction and Study Guide

History and Story in Ancient Israel
by Dr. Lester L. Grabbe
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Series: T&T Clark’s Study Guides to the Old Testament

Publication Date: December 01, 2016

ISBN: 9780567670878

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Lester L. Grabbe provides a concise and up-to-date introduction to the books of Kings, covering all the historical and interpretative issues. Grabbe pays particular attention to how the history of ancient Israel can be reconstructed (or not as the case may be) through the text, and introduces students to the key ways of reading the books of Kings as religious and political history.

Grabbe takes a chronological approach (according to the text) and provides overviews of the key periods of Israel's history. The nature of the 'Deuteronomistic History' and how well this theory of authorship stands up in the modern day is considered, as well as issues of form and source criticism more broadly. Grabbe concludes by offering a reflection on the books of Kings in theological and hermeneutical perspective, which enables students to view not only the historical and textual issues, but also broader issues of meaning and significance.