'The Sheeved' Rise Of The Megammals. Chapter Four, Balance Of Power.

by Darren Ritchie

Publisher: Kalel Eihctir

Publication Date: June 13, 2015

ISBN: 9781310596452

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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In this chapter more people are discovering the Megammals, as clans unite and more Un-Sheeved than ever before take to the streets with the apparent blessings of the Tri-Council. Trey goes through his first Klerking-Gut with unexpected results, when a new girl helps him stabilise his morph back into reality. Bob and Doris meet an unusual young man from Australia who finds it necessary to join the old couple in their trip back home. Woomera becomes a setting stage for a fight that none of the personnel are prepared for, except one who has been controlling the rank and file from the inside for some time. A major installation in the Nevada hills in the USA, comes under direct assault from highly trained Corpui, taking the base with few casualties and the entire unit unaware. A Canadian Mountie follows a group from the klondike who are being portrayed as inuit, but Sergeant Mckinley suspects different which costs him more than his rank.