'The Sheeved', Rise Of The Megammals. Chapter Five, Corpui Justice.

by Darren Ritchie

Publisher: Kalel Eihctir

Publication Date: June 13, 2015

ISBN: 9781311791436

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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In this final chapter of the first book series, Trey and Phil both start the journey to fulfil their destinies and the legacy of the father Augene. While the globe goes into incommunicado, from all the satellites and internet links being turned off or shutdown, tribes of newly UnSheeved roam the cities and towns to interact with the normal population, and hope to help in the confusion of the new world order being thrust upon them all. With Woomera Military Base being controlled by Corpui and Megammals alike, the global indigenous tribes, clans and mobs, converge on the sacred sites they all hold in lore, as thousands sit in wait as if they knew exactly what was going on and was about to happen. A plane from the north crashes in the outback of Australia, although unusual survivors make their way to the Megammal held Woomera Base. The Superior Megammal from San francisco closes in on the South Australian border as various groups are either attempting to help or hinder his progress. The stage is finally set for a 7 Billion people war, where only one outcome will be decided, 'Will mankind as we know it survive'?
'The Sheeved' is the first in a series of global, magnitudal change. Megammals have always been 'Sheeved' to restrict the few that would take over the world in absolute domination. Corpui have been made aware of the newest evolution in the Megammal clans, 'Self-inhibiting Genetic Sheeving', where all Megammals will have the capacity to render their innate abilities as functional or disabled. Before the entire Megammal society becomes fully aware, the Corpui have undertaken the 'Corpui de Morte', to combine the beliefs of the Megammal clans, by inciting a war where the best defined outcome is unity at their own demise. Without the need for Sheeving, the Corpui become obsolete anyway, so their final act of humility is self sacrifice for the good of them all.