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When Paul Met Jesus

How an Idea Got Lost in History

by Stanley E. Porter

<p>Did Paul ever meet Jesus and hear him teach? A century ago, a curious assortment of scholars - William Ramsay, Johannes Weiss, and James Hope Moulton - thought that he had. Since then, their idea has virtually disappeared from New Testament ...

ISBN: 9781316591659

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Who Rules the Synagogue?

Religious Authority and the Formation of American Judaism

by Zev Eleff

<p><strong>Finalist for the American Jewish Studies cateogry of the 2016 National Jewish Book Awards</strong> Early in the 1800s, American Jews consciously excluded rabbinic forces from playing a role in their community's development. By the ...

ISBN: 9780190624675

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Why Not Her?

A Form and Literary-Critical Interpretation of the Named and Unnamed Women in the Elijah and Elisha Narratives

by Hye Kyung Park

<p>In this book, Hye Kyung Park examines the functions and roles of the women who appear in the Elijah and Elisha narratives. The named and unnamed female characters in the Elijah and Elisha cycles frequently drive the plot of these narratives, ...

ISBN: 9781454190417

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Wrestling with Shylock

Jewish Responses to The Merchant of Venice

by Edna Nahshon & Michael Shapiro

<p>Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice occupies a unique place in world culture. As the fictional, albeit iconic, character of Shylock has been interpreted as exotic outsider, social pariah, melodramatic villain and tragic victim, the play, ...

ISBN: 9781108161121

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Writing and Rewriting the Story of Solomon in Ancient Israel

by Isaac Kalimi

<p>Solomon's image as a wise king and the founder of Jerusalem Temple has become a fixture of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic literature. Yet, there are essential differences between the portraits of Solomon that are presented in the Hebrew ...

ISBN: 9781108588379

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Writing on the Wall

Graffiti and the Forgotten Jews of Antiquity

by Karen B. Stern

<p>Few direct clues exist to the everyday lives and beliefs of ordinary Jews in antiquity. Prevailing perspectives on ancient Jewish life have been shaped largely by the voices of intellectual and social elites, preserved in the writings of ...

ISBN: 9781400890453

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Zionism and Judaism

A New Theory

by David Novak

<p>Why should anyone be a Zionist, a supporter of a Jewish state in the land of Israel? Why should there be a Jewish state in the land of Israel? This book seeks to provide a philosophical answer to these questions. Although a Zionist need not ...

ISBN: 9781316235553

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Zionist Culture and West European Jewry Before the First World War

by Michael Berkowitz

ISBN: 9780807846056

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