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Faith and Fashion in Turkey

Consumption, Politics and Islamic Identities

by Nazli Alimen

<p>Turkey has witnessed remarkable sociocultural change under the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP), particularly regarding its religious communities. As individuals with pious identities have ...

ISBN: 9781786723796

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Faith and Resistance

The Politics of Love and War in Lebanon

by Sarah Marusek

<p>What kind of decolonial possibilities exist in today's world? Exploring the rise of Islamic activism in Lebanon and the Middle East, and drawing transnational parallels with other revolutionary religious struggles in Latin America and South ...

ISBN: 9781786802323

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Filiation and the Protection of Parentless Children

Towards a Social Definition of the Family in Muslim Jurisdictions

by Nadjma Yassari, Lena-Maria Möller & Marie-Claude Najm

<p>This book contains selected contributions presented during the workshop “Establishing Filiation: Towards a Social Definition of the Family in Islamic and Middle Eastern Law?”, which was convened in Beirut, Lebanon in November ...

ISBN: 9789462653115

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Fortresses of the Intellect

Ismaili and Other Islamic Studies in Honour of Farhad Daftary

by Omar Ali-de-Unzaga

<p>Dedicated to the achievements of Farhad Daftary, the foremost authority in Ismaili Studies of our time, this volume gathers together a number of studies on intellectual and political history, particularly in the three main areas where the ...

ISBN: 9781786724663

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Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam

by Abdullah Saeed

<p>Debate on freedom of religion as a human right takes place not only in the Western world but also in Muslim communities throughout the world. For Muslims concerned for this freedom, one of the major difficulties is the 'punishment for ...

ISBN: 9781351935746

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Freedom of Speech and Islam

by Erich Kolig

<p>Freedom of speech and expression is considered in the West a high public good and an important social value, underpinned by legislative and ethical norms. Its importance is not shared to the same extent by conservative and devout Muslims, who

ISBN: 9781317132813

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French Muslims in Perspective

Nationalism, Post-Colonialism and Marginalisation under the Republic

by Joseph Downing

<p>With the largest Muslim population in Western Europe, France has faced a number of critiques in its attempts to assimilate Muslims into an ostensibly secular (but predominantly Catholic) state and society. This book challenges traditional ...

ISBN: 9783030161033

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French Populism and Discourses on Secularism

by Per-Erik Nilsson

<p>Per-Erik Nilsson takes a religious studies approach to analyse the intersections of secularism, nationhood and populism in contemporary France. This book provides insight into the French and European radical-nationalist ideology and activism,

ISBN: 9781350055841

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From Babel to Dragomans

Interpreting the Middle East

by Bernard Lewis

<p>Bernard Lewis is recognized around the globe as one of the leading authorities on Islam. Hailed as &quot;the world's foremost Islamic scholar&quot; (<em>Wall Street Journal</em>), as &quot;a towering figure among experts on the culture and ...

ISBN: 9780190291624

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Fulfilling the Trust

50 Years of Shaping Muslim Religious Life in Singapore

by Norshahril Saat

<p>Muslims constitute about half a million or 15 percent of Singapore's multiracial and multireligious population. In 1968, the Singapore Parliament passed the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA), which led to the formation of Muis or the ...

ISBN: 9789813274280

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Gender and Equality in Muslim Family Law

Justice and Ethics in the Islamic Legal Tradition

by Lena Larsen, Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Christian Moe & others

<p>Dante is one of the towering figures of medieval European literature. Yet many riddles and questions about him persist. By re-reading Dante with an open mind, Barbara Reynolds made remarkable discoveries and unlocked previously hidden secrets

ISBN: 9780857733528

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Gender Hierarchy in the Qur'an

Medieval Interpretations, Modern Responses

by Karen Bauer

<p>This book explores how medieval and modern Muslim religious scholars ('ulama') interpret gender roles in Qur'anic verses on legal testimony, marriage, and human creation. Citing these verses, medieval scholars developed increasingly complex ...

ISBN: 9781316234389

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Gender, Sainthood, and Everyday Practice in South Asian Shiaism

by Karen G Ruffle

ISBN: 9781469613710

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Gendered Politics and Law in Jordan

Guardianship over Women

by Afaf Jabiri

<p>This book analyzes how the state constructs and reproduces gender identities in the context and geopolitics of Jordan. Guardianship over women is examined as not only the basis of women’s legal and social subordination, but also a key factor ...

ISBN: 9783319326436

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Globalization, Ethics and Islam

The Case of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

by Ibrahim Ozdemir

<p>Said Nursi (1877-1960) was an advocate of a form of Islam strongly committed to non-violence and constructive engagement with the West and Christianity. He has six million followers - the Nursi community - primarily in Turkey. Yet many in the

ISBN: 9781351932929

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Globalized Muslim Youth in the Asia Pacific

Popular Culture in Singapore and Sydney

by Kamaludeen Mohamed Mohamed Nasir

<span style="font-style:italic;" >Globalized Muslim Youth in the Asia Pacific</span> is a sociological study of Muslim youth culture based on original ethnographic fieldwork in two global cities in the Asia Pacific: Singapore and Sydney. Urban ...

ISBN: 9781137542595

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God's Generals

The Military Lives of Moses, the Buddha and Muhammad

by Richard A Gabriel

<p>It is one of the more startling facts of military history that the founders of three of the four 'great religions'—Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam—were also accomplished field generals with extensive experience in commanding men in battle. One ...

ISBN: 9781473859067

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Governing Islam

Law, Empire, and Secularism in Modern South Asia

by Julia Stephens

<p>Governing Islam traces the colonial roots of contemporary struggles between Islam and secularism in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The book uncovers the paradoxical workings of colonial laws that promised to separate secular and religious ...

ISBN: 9781316800430

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Guardians of God

Inside the Religious Mind of the Pakistani Taliban

by Mona Kanwal Sheikh

<p>This book is an account of the emergence and key events related to the origin and expansion of Pakistani Taliban since 2001, with a focus on the role of religion in their actions, policies and worldviews. The author brings to light rare ...

ISBN: 9780199089802

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Guests of God

Pilgrimage and Politics in the Islamic World

by Robert Bianchi

<p>Each year, about two million pilgrims from over 100 countries converge on the Islamic holy city of Mecca for the hajj. While the hajj is first and foremost a religious festival, it is also very much a political event. No government can resist

ISBN: 9780190291075

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