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The Acts of The Apostles: An Introduction and Study Guide

Taming the Tongues of Fire

by Shelly Matthews

<p>The book of Acts opens with the dramatic story of tongues of flame descending upon believers at Pentecost and the prophecy of an egalitarian dispensation of the Spirit being fulfilled. Yet, as the narrative unfolds, we become aware of a ...

ISBN: 9780567671257

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The Apocryphal New Testament

A Collection of Apocryphal Christian Literature in an English Translation

by J. K. Elliott

<p>This collection of apocryphal writings supersedes the best-selling edition by M. R. James, first published in 1924. Since then, several new works have come to light, and the textual base for some of the works previously translated by James is

ISBN: 9780191068539

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The Bible and Feminism

Remapping the Field

by Yvonne Sherwood

<p>This groundbreaking book breaks with established canons and resists some of the stereotypes of feminist biblical studies. It features a wide range of contributors who showcase new methodological and theoretical movements such as feminist ...

ISBN: 9780191034190

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The Bible for Everyone

A New Translation

by John Goldingay & Tom Wright

<p><em>The Bible for Everyone</em> is the result of a passionate conviction that scripture should be something that everyone can read, understand and enjoy. Two world-renowned biblical scholars and communicators have therefore undertaken a ...

ISBN: 9780281074020

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The Bible in One Year – a Commentary by Nicky Gumbel

by Nicky Gumbel

<p>Nicky Gumbel, pioneer of Alpha - a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith - and vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in Kensington, London, aids readers following the Bible in one year programme to understand the Scriptures ...

ISBN: 9781473684362

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The Bible on Silent Film

Spectacle, Story and Scripture in the Early Cinema

by David J. Shepherd

<p>Between the advent of motion pictures in the 1890s and the close of the 'silent' era at the end of the 1920s, many of the longest, most expensive and most watched films on both sides of the Atlantic drew upon biblical traditions. David J. ...

ISBN: 9781107502901

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The Bible: A Very Short Introduction

by John Riches

<p>It is sometimes said that the Bible is one of the most unread books in the world, yet has been a major force in the development of Western culture and continues to exert an enormous influence over many people's lives. This Very Short ...

ISBN: 9780191578267

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The Birth of the Trinity

Jesus, God, and Spirit in New Testament and Early Christian Interpretations of the Old Testament

by Matthew W. Bates

<p>How and when did Jesus and the Spirit come to be regarded as fully God? The Birth of the Trinity offers a new historical approach by exploring the way in which first- and second-century Christians read the Old Testament in order to ...

ISBN: 9780191045875

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The Book of Bibles

by Fssel Stephan Gastgeber Christian ; F

In the beginning was the word, and in the Middle Ages were kings, princes, and high-ranking religious members whose wealth and influence produced illustrated bibles of extraordinary craftsmanship. This Bibliotheca Universalis edition brings ...

ISBN: 9783836559133

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The Book of Ecclesiastes (Qohelet) and the Path to Joyous Living

by T. A. Perry

<p>This is the first full-length study of Ecclesiastes using methods of philosophical exegesis, specifically those of the modern French philosophers Levinas and Blanchot. T. A. Perry opens up new horizons in the philosophical understanding of ...

ISBN: 9781316289457

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The Book of Revelation

A Biography

by Timothy Beal

<p><strong>The life and times of the New Testament’s most mystifying and incendiary book</strong></p> <p>Few biblical books have been as revered and reviled as Revelation. Many hail it as the pinnacle of prophetic vision, the cornerstone of the

ISBN: 9780691185088

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The Book of Revelation and Early Jewish Textual Culture

by Garrick V. Allen

<p>The Book of Revelation and Early Jewish Textual Culture explores the relationship between the writing of Revelation and its early audience, especially its interaction with Jewish Scripture. It touches on several areas of scholarly inquiry in ...

ISBN: 9781108187404

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The Books of the Bible (NIV): New Testament

Community Bible Experience

by New International Version

ISBN: 9781444795042

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The Breaking of Bread and the Breaking of Boundaries

A Study of the Metaphor of Bread in the Gospel of Matthew

by Minkyu Lee

<p>This book investigates the Matthean use of <em>bread</em> and the <em>breaking of bread</em> in light of cognitive conceptual metaphor, which are not only intertwined within Matthew’s narrative plots but also function to represent Matthew’s ...

ISBN: 9781454193579

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The Cambridge Companion to Philo

by Adam Kamesar

<p>The works of Philo of Alexandria, a slightly older contemporary of Jesus and Paul, constitute an essential source for the study of Judaism and the rise of Christianity. They are also of extreme importance for understanding the Greek ...

ISBN: 9781139801362

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The Catholic Study Bible

by Donald Senior, John Collins & Mary Ann Getty

<p>This landmark resource, the first fully-based on the authoritative NABRE translation, contains the trustworthy study notes, expanded essays, and informational sidebars which have guided and informed students and general readers for 25 years. ...

ISBN: 9780190267261

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The Composition of the Gospel of Thomas

Original Language and Influences

by Simon Gathercole

<p>This book addresses two central questions in current research on the Gospel of Thomas: what was its original language and which early Christian works influenced it? At present, theories of Thomas as a Semitic work abound. Simon Gathercole ...

ISBN: 9781139334235

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The Concept of Divine Love in the Context of the God-World Relationship

by John C. Peckham

<p><em>The Concept of Divine Love in the Context of the God-World Relationship</em> addresses the significant and far-reaching theological conflict over the nature of God’s love, which is deeply rooted in broader conflicts regarding divine ...

ISBN: 9781454196723

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The Day The Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus's Crucifixion

by N. T. Wright

When Jesus of Nazareth died the horrible death of crucifixion at the hands of the Roman army, nobody thought him a hero. His movement was over. Nothing had changed. This was the sort of thing that Rome did best. Caesar was on his throne. Death, ...

ISBN: 9780062334398

Binding: Paperback


The Divine-Human Communion

An Outline of Catholic Integral Ecclesiology

by Andrzej Napiorkówski

<p>This book contains a methodological fundamental-dogmatic study, which frames a comprehensive overview of the Church in the light of reason and faith. The understanding of the Church in the history of Christianity was – and still is – a ...

ISBN: 9783653957426

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