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Primal: Why We Long to Be Wild and Free

by Nate Summers

ISBN: 9781493044634

Binding: Paperback


Prophet, The

by Kahlil Gibran

First published in the 1920s, <i>The Prophet,</i> Gibran's hugely popular guide to living, has sold millions of copies worldwide and is the most famous work of religious fiction of the twentieth century.Gibran's Prophet speaks of many things ...

ISBN: 9780141187013

Binding: Paperback


Protectors of the Land and Water: Environmentalism in Wisconsin, 1961-1968

by Thomas R. Huffman

ISBN: 9780807844458

Binding: Paperback


Protestants in an Age of Science: The Baconian Ideal and Antebellum American Religious Thought (POD)

by Theodore Dwight Bozeman

ISBN: 9780807896266

Binding: Paperback


Rare, Medium, or Done Well

Make the Most of Your Life

by Mike Huckabee

ISBN: 9781683973027

Binding: Hardback




Vintage Minis

by Karen Armstrong

<b>'Because 'God' is infinite, nobody can have the last word.'</b><BR><BR>What is this thing, religion, which has supposedly been the cause of bloodshed and warring for centuries? What is 'God' and do we need 'Him' in our modern world? Karen ...

ISBN: 9781784875695

Binding: Paperback


Religion in Minutes

by Marcus Weeks

ISBN: 9781786481252

Binding: Paperback


Religion vs. Science

What Religious People Really Think

by Elaine Howard Ecklund

Based on a five year journey to find out what religious Americans think about science, Ecklund and Scheitle tell the real story of the relationship between science and religion in the lives of ordinary citizens. It is a story that is more ...

ISBN: 9780190650629

Binding: Hardback


Revelations Of Divine Love

by Julian Of Norwich

'Just because I am a woman, must I therefore believe that I must not tell you about the goodness of God, when I saw at the same time both his goodness, and his wish that it should be known?' Coming from a society where women were barred from ...

ISBN: 9780140446739

Binding: Paperback


Rig Veda, The

by Wendy Doniger

The earliest of the four Hindu religious scriptures known as the Vedas, and the first extensive composition to survive in any Indo-European language, the Rig Veda (c. 1200-900 BC) is a collection of over 1,000 individual Sanskrit hymns. A work ...

ISBN: 9780140449891

Binding: Paperback


Roman Pilgrimage

The Station Churches

by Elizabeth Lev

ISBN: 9780465027699

Binding: Hardback


Romance Behind Judaica

Celebrating the Richness of the Jewish Calendar

by Faydra L. Shapiro

ISBN: 9781945470387

Binding: Hardback


Rudolf Otto: An Introduction to His Philosophical Theology

by Philip C Almond

ISBN: 9780807896044

Binding: Paperback


Rule Of Benedict, The

by St Benedict

Founder of a monastery at Monte Cassino, between Roma and Naples, in the sixth century, St Benedict intended his Rule to be a practical guide to Christian monasteric life. Based on the key precepts of humility, obedience and love, its aim is to ...

ISBN: 9780140449969

Binding: Paperback


Saints:A Year in Faith and Art

A Year in Faith and Art

by Rosa Giorgi

ISBN: 9780810954991

Binding: Hardback


Screwtape Proposes A Toast

by C. S. Lewis

The only official sequel, penned by Lewis himself, to the ever-popular &#8216;Screwtape Letters' &#8211; published alongside other short essays. One of the most popular books ever to come from the pen of C.S. Lewis was written in the name of ...

ISBN: 9780008192532

Binding: Paperback



A Very Short Introduction

by Andrew Copson

ISBN: 9780198747222

Binding: Paperback



Politics, Religion, and Freedom

by Andrew Copson

ISBN: 9780198809135

Binding: Hardback