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Augustine of Hippo’s The City of God Against the Pagans

by Jonathan D. Teubner

<P><EM>The City of God against the Pagans</EM> is a central text in the Western intellectual tradition. Made up of twenty-two lengthy books, Augustine wrote his masterpiece over a thirteen-year period during which the Western Roman Empire began ...

ISBN: 9781912453825

Binding: Hardback


Battlefield of the Mind (Spiritual Growth Series)

Winning the Battle in Your Mind

by Joyce Meyer

ISBN: 9781455542857

Binding: Paperback


Beliefs that Changed the World

The History and Ideas of the Great Religions

by John Bowker

ISBN: 9781848669000

Binding: Paperback


Birds of the South: Permanent and Winter Birds

by Charlotte Hilton Green

ISBN: 9780807845165

Binding: Paperback


Bounds of Their Habitation: Race and Religion in American History

by Paul Harvey

ISBN: 9780810896253

Binding: Paperback


Brand Luther

by Andrew Pettegree

When Martin Luther posted his "theses" on the door of the Wittenberg church in 1517, protesting corrupt practices, he was virtually unknown. Within months, his ideas spread across Germany, then all of Europe; within years, their author was not ...

ISBN: 9780399563232

Binding: Paperback


Breaking the Da Vinci Code

by Darrell L Bock

Many who have read the New York Times bestseller The Da Vinci Code have questions that arise from seven codes-expressed or implied-in Dan Brown's book. In Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone's Asking, Darrell Bock, ...

ISBN: 9780785280149

Binding: Paperback


Buddhism For Dummies

by Jonathan Landaw

<b>Your hands-on guide to this widely practiced and ancient religion</b> <p>Buddhism, one of the world's most widely practiced religions, is a fascinating yet complex eastern religion that is rapidly spreading throughout western civilization. ...

ISBN: 9781118023792

Binding: Paperback


Buddhist Scriptures

by Donald Lopez

While Buddhism has no central text such as the Bible or the Koran, there is a powerful body of scripture from across Asia that encompasses the dharma, or the teachings of Buddha. This rich anthology brings together works from a broad historical ...

ISBN: 9780140447583

Binding: Paperback


C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat To Democracy

by Jeff Sharlet

<b>'A gripping political thriller, a masterpiece of investigative journalism'</b><b> </b>Peter Manseau, author of <i>Rag and Bone</i> The secretive Christian fundamentalist group known as 'The Family' is leading a new crusade for 'God-led ...

ISBN: 9780702238659

Binding: Paperback


C.S. Lewis Signature Classic: Surprised by Joy

by C S Lewis

For many years an atheist, C. S. Lewis vividly describes the spiritual quest that convinced him of the truth and reality of Christianity, in his famous autobiography. &#8220;In the Trinity Term of 1929 I gave in, and admitted that God was God ...

ISBN: 9780007461271

Binding: Paperback


C.S. Lewis Signature Classic: The Problem of Pain

by C S Lewis

For centuries people have been tormented by one question above all &#8211; &#8216;If God is good and all-powerful, why does he allow his creatures to suffer pain?' And what of the suffering of animals, who neither deserve pain nor can be ...

ISBN: 9780007461264

Binding: Paperback


Catholic Theology

by Tracey Rowland

Rowland showcases here the dominant contemporary approaches to doing Catholic theology. Chapter 1 offers a summary of the two International Theological Commission (ITC) documents on the discipline of Catholic theology. These documents set out ...

ISBN: 9780567034397

Binding: Paperback


Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies

by Consumer Dummies

<b>Grasp the beliefs and practices about one of the world's oldest religions</b> <p><i>Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies</i> is your all-inclusive guide to the Catholic Church and its billions of followers. You'll learn how Catholicism came to

ISBN: 9781119084686

Binding: Paperback


Catholicism For Dummies

by Rev. John Trigilio Jr.

<b>A comprehensive and definitive guide to the Catholic faith</b> <p>Whether you're a member of the faith or just interested in it, <i>Catholicism For Dummies, 3<sup>rd</sup> Edition</i> offers a casual, straightforward introduction to the ins ...

ISBN: 9781119295600

Binding: Paperback


Celtic Mythology

Tales of Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes

by Philip Freeman

ISBN: 9780190460471

Binding: Hardback


Christian History

An Introduction

by Alister E. McGrath

<p>A major new introduction to the global history of Christianity, written by one of the world?s leading theologians and author of numerous bestselling textbooks. </p> <ul> <li>Provides a truly global review by exploring the development ...

ISBN: 9781118337806

Binding: Paperback


Christian Spirituality

An Introduction

by Alister E. McGrath

This text fills the need for a clear, informative, helpful and well-written introduction to Christian spirituality. <ul> <li>Includes a detailed guide to resources in spirituality available on the Internet</li> <li>Written by a leading ...

ISBN: 9780631212812

Binding: Paperback


Christian Symbol And Ritual

by Bernard Cooke

ISBN: 9780195154122

Binding: Paperback


Christian Theology

An Introduction

by Alister E. McGrath

<i>Christian Theology: An Introduction</i>, one of the most internationally-acclaimed Christian theology textbooks in use, has been completely rewritten for the 6th edition. It now features new and extended material and companion resources, ...

ISBN: 9781118869574

Binding: Paperback