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Simone de Beauvoir and the Colonial Experience: Freedom, Violence, and Identity

by Nathalie Nya

ISBN: 9781498558099

Binding: Hardback


Sitcommentary: Television Comedies That Changed America

by Mark Robinson

ISBN: 9781538114193

Binding: Hardback


Siting China in Germany: Eighteenth-Century Chinoiserie and Its Modern Legacy

by Christiane Hertel

ISBN: 9780271082370

Binding: Hardback


Social Imaginaries: Critical Interventions

by Suzi Adams

ISBN: 9781786607768

Binding: Paperback


Sondheim on Music: Minor Details and Major Decisions

by Mark Eden Horowitz

ISBN: 9781538125502

Binding: Paperback


Sounding the Alarm in the Schoolhouse: Safety, Security, and Student Well-Being

by Nicholas Young

ISBN: 9781475847932

Binding: Paperback



Southern Son: The Saga of Doc Holliday

by Victoria Wilcox

ISBN: 9781493044696

Binding: Paperback


Speaking In Public

by Alvey Frank + Lathey RG

If you are petrified at the thought of having to stand up and say a few words, console yourself with the knowledge that there are thousands like you. And it's for people like you that this book is written.This is a reassuring reference book for ...

ISBN: 9781742571294

Binding: Paperback


Spooky Trails and Tall Tales Connecticut: Hiking the State's Legends, Hauntings, and History

by Stephen Gencarella

ISBN: 9781493039142

Binding: Paperback



Star Wars Super Graphic

A Visual Guide to the Star Wars Universe

by Tim Leong

<DIV>Graphic design guru Tim Leong presents Star Wars trivia in an all-new way &ndash; through playful pie charts, bar graphs, and other data-driven infographics. From a Venn diagram of Yoda&rsquo;s idiosyncrasies to an organizational chart of ...

ISBN: 9781452161204

Binding: Paperback


Starstruck in the Promised Land: How the Arts Shaped American Passions about Israel

by Shalom Goldman

ISBN: 9781469652412

Binding: Hardback


State Capitalism under Neoliberalism: The Case of Agriculture and Food in Brazil

by Alessandro Bonanno

ISBN: 9781498589895

Binding: Hardback


Stirrings: How Activist New Yorkers Ignited a Movement for Food Justice

by Lana Dee Povitz

ISBN: 9781469653013

Binding: Paperback


Strength Training for Football

by Darren Krein

ISBN: 9781492571421

Binding: Paperback


Strike Dog: A Woods Cop Mystery

by Joseph Heywood

ISBN: 9781493041985

Binding: Paperback


Studies in the Personal Names of Genesis 1 11

by Richard S. Hess

ISBN: 9781575061603

Binding: Paperback


Subverting Communism in Romania: Law and Private Property 1945 1965

by Mihaela +Perban

ISBN: 9781498595674

Binding: Hardback