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Merdeka & the Morning Star: Civil Resistance in West Papua: (Peace and Conflict Series)

by Jason MacLeod

West Papua is a secret story. On the western half of the island of New Guinea, hidden from the world, in a place occupied by the Indonesian military since 1963, continues a remarkable nonviolent struggle for national liberation. In ...

ISBN: 9780702253768

Binding: Paperback


Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Language

by Dimitris Apostolopoulos

ISBN: 9781786611994

Binding: Hardback


Mess: The Manual Of Accidents And Mistakes

by Keri Smith

In <i>Mess</i>, Keri Smith, creator of <i>Wreck This Journal</i>, asks readers to explore what it feels like to throw themselves off balance -- on purpose. Smith dares readers to drop some kind of coloured liquid (ink, tea, coffee) onto a page

ISBN: 9781846144479

Binding: Paperback


Mighty Endeavor: The American Nation and World War II

by Blaine T. Browne

ISBN: 9781538114902

Binding: Hardback


Million Word Crossword Dictionary

by Stanley Newman

With more than 1,300,000 answers, this volume contains more than twice as many words as any other crossword dictionary. Meticulously compiled by two crossword professionals with a combined fifty years in the field and based on a massive analysis

ISBN: 9780061689017

Binding: Paperback


Mining Morality: Prospecting for Ethics in a Wounded World

by William George

ISBN: 9781978707924

Binding: Hardback


Molecular Imaging: Basic Principles And Applications In Biomedical Research 3ed

by Markus Rudin

ISBN: 9781786346841

Binding: Hardback


More Worlds to Negotiate: John Dunlop and the Art of Problem Solving

by Jennifer Berkshire

ISBN: 9780761871125

Binding: Hardback


Mothers Work: Confronting the Mommy Wars, Raising Children, and Working for Social Change

by Michelle Napierski-Prancl

ISBN: 9781498514590

Binding: Hardback



Movie Book, The

by DK

ISBN: 9780241188026

Binding: Hardback


Museums and Millennials: Engaging the Coveted Patron Generation

by Jaclyn Spainhour

ISBN: 9781538118580

Binding: Paperback


Myths and Mysteries of the Civil War: True Stories Of The Unsolved And Unexplained

by Michael R. Bradley

ISBN: 9780762761159

Binding: Paperback


Narrating Desire: Moral Consolation and Sentimental Fiction in Fifteenth-Century Spain

by Sol Miguel-Prendes

ISBN: 9781469651958

Binding: Paperback



Navigating Turbulent Waters: Greek Politics in the Era of Eleftherios Venizelos

by George Kaloudis

ISBN: 9781498587389

Binding: Hardback


Networks of Distrust: The Impact of Automation, Corruption, and Media on Philippine Elections

by Vicente Chua Reyes

ISBN: 9781498534123

Binding: Hardback


Nevada Myths and Legends: The True Stories behind History's Mysteries 2ed

by Richard Moreno

ISBN: 9781493039821

Binding: Paperback


New Frontiers In Entrepreneurial Finance Research

by Anita Quas

ISBN: 9789811202759

Binding: Hardback


New Jersey Environmental Law Handbook 9ed

by Albert Telsey

ISBN: 9781641433440

Binding: Paperback