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From Conflict Resolution to Peacebuilding

by Charles Hauss

ISBN: 9781538116302

Binding: Paperback


From Distant Days: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia

by Benjamin R. Foster

ISBN: 9781883053093

Binding: Paperback


From Huntington to Trump: Thirty Years of the Clash of Civilizations

by Jeffrey Haynes

ISBN: 9781498578196

Binding: Hardback


From Photons To Atoms: The Electromagnetic Nature Of Matter

by Daniele Funaro

ISBN: 9789811204234

Binding: Hardback


From the Edge of the Ghetto: African Americans and the World of Work

by Alford Young

ISBN: 9780742570108

Binding: Paperback



Frontiers Of Organofluorine Chemistry

by Iwao Ojima

ISBN: 9781786347329

Binding: Hardback


Garden Cemeteries of New England

by Trudy Irene Scee

ISBN: 9781608939077

Binding: Paperback


Gender, Sexuality, and Space Culture

by Kat Deerfield

ISBN: 9781786607669

Binding: Paperback


Geronimo: Prisoner of Lies: Twenty-Three Years as a Prisoner of War, 1886-1909

by W. Farmer

ISBN: 9781493042005

Binding: Hardback


Ghanaian Politics and Political Communication

by Samuel Obeng

ISBN: 9781786613691

Binding: Hardback


Gilmore Girls: A Cultural History

by Lara C. Stache

ISBN: 9781538112830

Binding: Hardback


Global Development and Colonial Power: German Development Policy at Home and Abroad

by Daniel Bendix

ISBN: 9781786603500

Binding: Paperback


Global Issues beyond Sovereignty 5ed

by Maryann Cusimano Love

ISBN: 9781538117347

Binding: Paperback


Global Radio: From Shortwave to Streaming

by Shaheed Nick Mohammed

ISBN: 9781498594950

Binding: Hardback


Globalisms: Facing the Populist Challenge 4ed

by Manfred B. Steger

ISBN: 9781538129456

Binding: Paperback



Good Time Girls of Colorado: A Red-Light History of the Centennial State

by Jan Collins

ISBN: 9781493038053

Binding: Paperback


Gothic Afterlives: Reincarnations of Horror in Film and Popular Media

by Lorna Piatti-Farnell

ISBN: 9781498578226

Binding: Hardback