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'History Wars' and Reconciliation in Japan and Korea

The Roles of Historians, Artists and Activists

by Michael Lewis

<p>This book provides a fresh approach to understanding the origins and possible future direction of the Northeast Asia “history wars.” Leading scholars in history, literary studies, and education present the complex issue in a historical ...

ISBN: 9781137541031

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(Un)intended Consequences of EU Parliamentary Elections

by Wouter van der Brug & Claes H. de Vreese

<p>When direct elections for the European Parliament were first organized in 1979, the idea was that such direct elections would increase the democratic legitimacy and accountability of the Parliament. Moreover, the elections were expected to ...

ISBN: 9780191074738

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‘Guilty Women’, Foreign Policy, and Appeasement in Inter-War Britain

by Julie V. Gottlieb

<p>British women were deeply invested in foreign policy between the wars. This study casts new light on the turn to international affairs in feminist politics, the gendered representation and experience of the Munich Crisis, and the profound ...

ISBN: 9781137316608

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‘True Democracy’ as a Prelude to Communism

The Marx of Democracy

by Alexandros Chrysis

<p>This book constitutes a critical intervention in the theoretical discussion over the political relationship between democracy and communism. Shedding light on the philosophical origins of the democracy debate, it draws a clear demarcation ...

ISBN: 9783319575414

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100 Years of the Nineteenth Amendment

An Appraisal of Women's Political Activism

by Holly J. McCammon & Lee Ann Banaszak

<p>The year 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment giving many women in the United States the right to vote. The struggle for suffrage lasted over six decades and involved more than a million women; yet, even at the ...

ISBN: 9780190876579

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1995: A New Beginning for the NPT?

by J.F. Pilat & R.E. Pendley

<p>As a follow-up to <em>Beyond 1995: The Future of NPT</em> published in 1990, this compilation presents the major issues to be addressed at the 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference. Renowned academic and diplomatic authorities from around ...

ISBN: 9781461519478

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50 Politics Classics

Your shortcut to the most important ideas on freedom, equality, and power

by Tom Butler-Bowdon

ISBN: 9781473655430

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5th Grade American History: American Presidents

Fifth Grade Books US Presidents for Kids

by Baby Professor

How many American presidents do you know of? Memorizing names is easy but recognizing the faces associated with those names, as well as their contributions to the country can be quite challenging. The good thing is, you don't have to stick to ...

ISBN: 9781682809358

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A Century of Fiscal Squeeze Politics

100 Years of Austerity, Politics, and Bureaucracy in Britain

by Christopher Hood & Rozana Himaz

<p>This volume identifies and compares 'fiscal squeezes' (major efforts to cut public spending and/or raise taxes) in the UK over a century from 1900 to 2015. The authors examine how different the politics of fiscal squeeze and austerity is ...

ISBN: 9780191085147

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A Conservative Revolution?

Electoral Change in Twenty-First Century Ireland

by Michael Marsh, David M. Farrell & Gail McElroy

<p>The 2011 general election in the Republic of Ireland, which took place against a backdrop of economic collapse, was one of the most dramatic ever witnessed. The most notable outcome was the collapse of Fianna Fáil, one of the world's most ...

ISBN: 9780192519719

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A Course in Public Economics

by John Leach

<p>A Course in Public Economics, first published in 2004, explores the central questions of whether or not markets work, and if not, what is to be done about it. The first part of the textbook, designed for upper-level undergraduates and ...

ISBN: 9781107713710

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A Defense of Rule

Origins of Political Thought in Greece and India

by Stuart Gray

<p>At its core, politics is all about relations of rule. Accordingly one of the central preoccupations of political theory is what it means for human beings to rule over one another or share in a process of ruling. While political theorists tend

ISBN: 9780190670245

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A Democratic Bearing

Admirable Citizens, Uneven Injustice, and Critical Theory

by Stephen K. White

<p>In this rich analysis of the changing ideals of citizenship, Stephen K. White offers a path for the renewal of democratic life in the twenty-first century. Looking beyond passive notions of citizenship defined in terms of voting or passport ...

ISBN: 9781316733691

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A Dictionary of Critical Theory

by Ian Buchanan

<p>Containing over 750 in-depth entries, this is the most wide-ranging and up-to-date dictionary of critical theory available. This authoritative guide covers the whole range of critical theory, including the Frankfurt school, cultural ...

ISBN: 9780192514219

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A Disquisition on Government

by Etienne Stockland & Jason Xidias

<p>Nineteenth-century American politician John C. Calhoun occupies a paradoxical place in the history of political thought – and of critical thinking.</p> <p>On one hand, he is remembered as a committed advocate of slavery, consistently ...

ISBN: 9781351351836

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A European Youth Revolt

European Perspectives on Youth Protest and Social Movements in the 1980s

by Bart van der Steen

<p>During the early 1980s, large parts of Europe were swept with riots and youth revolts. Radicalised young people occupied buildings and clashed with the police in cities such as Zurich, Berlin and Amsterdam, while in Great Britain and France, ...

ISBN: 9781137565709

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A Feminist in the White House

Midge Costanza, the Carter Years, and America's Culture Wars

by Doreen Mattingly

<p>A feminist, an outspoken activist, a woman without a college education, Midge Costanza was one of the unlikeliest of White House insiders. Yet in 1977 she became the first female Assistant to the President for Public Liaison under Jimmy ...

ISBN: 9780190468620

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A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty

by Annette Froehlich

<p>On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty this book gives a first insight into where the next generation considers room for further improvement of the Outer Space Treaty in order to cope with upcoming aspects such as ...

ISBN: 9783319704340

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A General Theory of Domination and Justice

by Frank Lovett

<p>In all societies, past and present, many persons and groups have been subject to domination. Properly understood, domination is a great evil, the suffering of which ought to be minimized so far as possible. Surprisingly, however, political ...

ISBN: 9780191614729

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A Generation of Sociopaths

How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America

by Bruce Cannon Gibney

ISBN: 9780316395786

Binding: Hardback