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American Jewish Experience

by Lynne Rienner

ISBN: 9780841913769

Binding: Paperback


American Politics

A Very Short Introduction

by Richard M. Valelly

ISBN: 9780195373851

Binding: Paperback


American Stories: Tales of Hope and Anger

by Brissenden Michael

An engrossing account of a country on the edge In July 2009, Michael Brissenden traded political reporting in Canberra for a job in Washington as US current affairs correspondent for the ABC Here is his fascinating chronicle of an America ...

ISBN: 9780702238932

Binding: Paperback


American Studies in Africa Vol. I

by Andrew Horn

ISBN: 9780894104909

Binding: Paperback


Americas in Transition

The Contours of Regionalism

by Gordon Mace

ISBN: 9781555877170

Binding: Hardback


Amilcar Cabral's Revolutionary Theory and Practice

A Critical Guide

by Ronald H. Chilcote

ISBN: 9781555870584

Binding: Hardback


Amtrak System

The History and Politics of a National Railroad

by David C. Nice

ISBN: 9781555877347

Binding: Hardback


An Activist Life

by Christine Milne

<i>An Activist Life</i> is the story of an apparently ordinary woman - a high-school English teacher from northwest Tasmania - who became a fiery environmental warrior, pitted against some of the most powerful business and political forces in ...

ISBN: 9780702259814

Binding: Paperback


An African Republic: Black and White Virginians in the Making of Liberia

by Marie Tyler-McGraw

ISBN: 9781469615189

Binding: Paperback


Analysis for Crime Prevention

by Nick Tilley

ISBN: 9781881798347

Binding: Paperback


Anarchy and Order

Interplay Between International Politics and International Law

by James C. Hsiung

ISBN: 9781555875718

Binding: Hardback


Anatomy of a Failed Embargo

U.S.Sanctions Against Cuba

by Donna Rich Kaplowitz

ISBN: 9781555876166

Binding: Hardback


ANC Underground in South Africa, 1950-1976

by Raymond Suttner

ISBN: 9781935049135

Binding: Hardback


Ancient Africa

by F.A. Chijioke

ISBN: 9780841900134

Binding: Paperback


Andes in Focus

Security, Democracy, and Economic Reform

by Russell Crandall

ISBN: 9781588263070

Binding: Paperback


Andes in Focus

Security, Democracy, and Economic Reform

by Russell Crandall

ISBN: 9781588263315

Binding: Hardback



Why Gulf Wealth Matters to Britain

by David Wearing

UK ties with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf monarchies are under the spotlight as never before. Huge controversy surrounds Britain&rsquo;s alliances with these deeply repressive regimes, and the UK&rsquo;s key supporting role in the disastrous ...

ISBN: 9781509532049

Binding: Paperback



Politics, Economics, and Society

by Keith Somerville

ISBN: 9780931477225

Binding: Paperback


Animal Programs in Prison

A Comprehensive Assessment

by Gennifer Furst

ISBN: 9781935049340

Binding: Hardback


Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2006

A Project of the Center on International Cooperation

by Center on International Cooperation

ISBN: 9781588264411

Binding: Paperback