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Unauthorized Underground Brick Street Art

by Jeff Friesen

<p>From Jeff Friesen, award-winning photographer and author of <em>United States of LEGO®</em>, comes a hilarious new book of diorama photographs that uses LEGO bricks to spoof the famous work of the mysterious anonymous graffiti artist known as

ISBN: 9781634508629

Binding: Kobo eBook

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by Josef Koudelka

ISBN: 9780714845944

Binding: Hardback


Charles Sheeler

Modernism, Precisionism and the Borders of Abstraction

by Dr Mark Rawlinson

<p>Charles Sheeler was the stark poet of the machine age. Photographer of the Ford Motor Company and founder of the painting movement Precisionism, he is remembered as a promoter of - and apologist for - the industrialised capitalist ethic. This

ISBN: 9780857736291

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Colin Jones; Grafters

by Mark Haworth-Booth

ISBN: 9780714842530

Binding: Hardback


Coveteur, The:Private Spaces, Personal Style

"Private Spaces, Personal Style"

by Stephanie Mark

ISBN: 9781419721991

Binding: Hardback


Curb Service

A Memoir

by Scot Sothern

<p>Cruising nighttime byways for an adrenaline fix, Scot Sothern first patronized the marketplace of curbside prostitution surfing the prurient whims of a young man. He dove to the murky depths of sexual obsession and resurfaced five years ...

ISBN: 9781593765620

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D.P.R. Korea - grand tour

by Carl De Keyzer

<p>When it comes to foreign visitors or artists, North Korea must be the most restrictive country in the world. Nevertheless, Carl De Keyzer managed to cross the entire country in 42 days, divided into three journeys. In his latest book, Magnum ...

ISBN: 9789401451369

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Daido Moriyama

by Kazuo Nishi

ISBN: 9780714864723

Binding: Hardback


Daido Moriyama:How I Take Photographs

How I Take Photographs

by Moriyama Daido

ISBN: 9781786274243

Binding: Paperback


Danny Clinch:Still Moving

Still Moving

by Danny Clinch

ISBN: 9781419708701

Binding: Hardback


David Bailey; Look

by Jackie Higgins

ISBN: 9780714857831

Binding: Hardback


David Malin; Ancient Light, A Portrait of the Universe

by David Malin

ISBN: 9780714849324

Binding: Hardback


David Seymour (Chim)

by Tom Beck

ISBN: 9780714842769

Binding: Hardback


David Yarrow Photography

Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe

by David Yarrow

<P>For more than two decades, legendary British photographer David Yarrow has been putting himself in harm&#39;s way to capture immersive and evocative photography of the world&#39;s most revered and endangered species. With his images ...

ISBN: 9780847864775

Binding: Hardback


Death of Photography, The:The Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery

by Peter Gravelle

ISBN: 9781908211415

Binding: Hardback


Desaturated Soul

by Gloria Golden

<p>Ever since my teenage years, I’ve had a great desire to travel and find adventure. Using the camera to attain these goals, I have had some of the greatest adventures of my life. My life has been forever by the cultural influences and people ...

ISBN: 9781469110547

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Detroit: The Dream Is Now:The Design, Art, and Resurgence of an A

"The Design, Art, and Resurgence of an American City"

by Michel Arnaud

ISBN: 9781419723926

Binding: Hardback


Diane Arbus

by Arthur Lubow

<p>Diane Arbus was one of the greatest photographers of the last century. Her portraiture of freaks, circus performers, twins, nudists and others on the social margins connected with a wide public at a deep psychological level. Her suicide in ...

ISBN: 9781448156610

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Divided Soul

A Journey from Iberia

by David Alan Harvey

ISBN: 9780714843131

Binding: Hardback


Dorchester Days

by Eugene Richards

ISBN: 9780714840017

Binding: Hardback