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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder For Dummies

by Mark Goulston

As Dr. Mark Goulston tells his patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), "The fact that you?re still afraid doesn?t mean you?re in any danger. It just takes the will and the way for your heart and soul to accept what the ...

ISBN: 9780470049228

Binding: Paperback


Power Of Self-Healing: Unlock Your Natural Healing PotentialIn 21 Days,The

by Fabrizio Mancini

Most of us are no strangers to health problems, illness, or pain, but what if there's a solution to restore our well-being that doesn't involve drugs, surgery, or other medical procedures? Well, there is, and you'll find it within your own ...

ISBN: 9781401936228

Binding: Paperback


Practical Procedures in Aesthetic Dentistry

by Subir Banerji

<i>Practical Procedures in Aesthetic Dentistry</i> presents a comprehensive collection of videos demonstrating clinical techniques in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, and is accompanied by a handbook summarising the key points of each ...

ISBN: 9781119032984

Binding: Paperback


Pre-Obstetric Emergency Training

A Practical Approach

by Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)

<p>Fully revised and now in full-colour, the new edition of <i>Pre-Obstetric Emergency Training </i>(POET) will help practitioners identify and manage a range of time-critical obstetric emergencies, specifically in the pre-obstetric department ...

ISBN: 9781119348382

Binding: Paperback


Prozac as a Way of Life

by Carl Elliott

ISBN: 9780807855515

Binding: Paperback



Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior

by Jerrold S. Meyer

Unique in its breadth of coverage ranging from historical accounts of drug use to clinical and preclinical behavioural studies, Psychopharmacology is appropriate for undergraduates studying the relationships between the behavioural effects of ...

ISBN: 9781605355559

Binding: Hardback


Pure Skin Care: Nourishing Recipes for Vibrant Skin & Natural Beauty


With the continued growth of the natural skincare industry, many resourceful consumers of non-toxic, all-natural care products are discovering they can make their own versions at home, less expensively and with fewer additives. ...

ISBN: 9781635860504

Binding: Spiral bound


Radiation in Medicine and Biology

by Pandit B. Vidyasagar

<P>This book focuses on the conventional and emerging applications of radiations, which include radio waves and ultraviolet and gamma radiations. It discusses new techniques in radiation therapy and the effects of ionizing radiations on ...

ISBN: 9789814745925

Binding: Hardback


Radiology Case Review Series: Breast Imaging

by Chris Flowers

ISBN: 9780071787192

Binding: Paperback


Radiology Case Review Series:Pediatric

by Arie Franco

ISBN: 9780071775489

Binding: Paperback


Rehabilitation Medicine Rapid Review

by Mitra

ISBN: 9780071793339

Binding: Paperback


Research Methods in Communication Disorders

by Tim Pring

Many communication disorders are poorly understood and many treatments used in therapy remain unproven. Speech and Language therapists are increasingly involved in research in these areas but may lack the training and experience required to ...

ISBN: 9781861560971

Binding: Paperback


Review Questions for MRI

by Carolyn Kaut Roth

<p><b>** New revised second edition now available, with errors corrected and content fully updated ** </b></p> <p>The second edition of the classic text has been revised and extended to meet the needs of today?s practising and training MRI ...

ISBN: 9781444333909

Binding: Paperback


Ripples in the Flow: Reflections on Vessel Dynamics in the Nan Jing

by Daniel Schrier

ISBN: 9780857013910

Binding: Paperback


Robotic Surgery

Smart Materials, Robotic Structures, and Artificial Muscles

by Mohsen Shahinpoor

<P>Robotic surgery has already created a paradigm shift in medical surgical procedures and will continue to expand to all surgical and microsurgical interventions. There is no doubt that in doing so robotic surgical systems, such as the da Vinci

ISBN: 9789814316231

Binding: Hardback


Role Emerging Occupational Therapy

Maximising Occupation-Focused Practice

by Miranda Thew

Role Emerging Occupational Therapy: Maximising Occupation Focused Practice is written for an audience of occupational therapy practitioners, educators and students. <p>This text offers an exploration of emerging innovative directions for the ...

ISBN: 9781405197823

Binding: Paperback


Running is My Therapy

by Scott Douglas

ISBN: 9781615194445

Binding: Paperback


Running is My Therapy NEW EDITION

by Scott Douglas

ISBN: 9781615195817

Binding: Paperback


Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Biological Design, Materials, and Fabrication

by Claudio Migliaresi

<P>Scaffolds for tissue engineering are devices that exploit specific and complex physical and biological functions, <I>in vitro </I>or <I>in vivo</I>, and communicate through biochemical and physical signals with cells and, when implanted, with

ISBN: 9789814463201

Binding: Hardback


Schwartz's Princples Of Surgery 11E, 2-Vol Set

by Brunicardi

ISBN: 9781259835353

Binding: Mixed media product