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Overcoming Anxiety, 2nd Edition

A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques

by Helen Kennerley

ISBN: 9781849018784

Binding: Paperback


Own Your Self

The Surprising Path beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Fatigue to Reclaiming Your Authenticity, Vitality, and Freedom

by Kelly Brogan

<b><I>' Will change how you approach your health and mental wellbeing.' <BR>-Sarah Gottfried, author of <i>The Hormone Cure.</i> </I></b><BR><I>With mental health problems becoming overmedicated in the Western world, Kelly Brogan, MD, <i>New ...

ISBN: 9781401956851

Binding: Paperback


Oxford Handbook for Medical School

by Kapil Sugand

Medical school is full of unfamiliar and often frightening experiences for students. In the first year, a student must move away from home, balance personal finances, assimilate large volumes of information, learn practical skills, pass high ...

ISBN: 9780199681907

Binding: Paperback


Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation

by Drew Provan

With major advances in technology there are thousands of clinical and laboratory tests available, forming a key part of the diagnostic process in the highly complex field of modern medicine. This handbook provides a patient-orientated approach ...

ISBN: 9780198766537

Binding: Paperback


Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence

by Kunal Kulkarni

This second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence provides an alternative to the growing volumes of trial data for students, trainees and researchers looking for the key evidence affecting medical practice. Written by a team ...

ISBN: 9780198729426

Binding: Paperback



by Simon J. Newell

<p><i>Paediatrics Lecture Notes</i> provides the information central to a thorough understanding of the care of children in clinical practice, drawing out key concepts in areas such as examination, communication and emergency paediatrics, in ...

ISBN: 9780470657072

Binding: Paperback


Parkinson's Disease For Dummies

by Michele Tagliati

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with Parkinson?s Disease you?re probably wrestling with fear, despair, and countless questions about the future. It?s brighter than you think. In <i>Parkinson?s Disease for Dummies,</i> you?ll ...

ISBN: 9780470073957

Binding: Paperback


Partnering for Recovery in Mental Health

A Practical Guide to Person-Centered Planning

by Janis Tondora

<p><i>Partnering for Recovery in Mental Health</i> is a practical guide for conducting person and family-centered recovery planning with individuals with serious mental illnesses and their families. It is derived from the authors? extensive ...

ISBN: 9781118388570

Binding: Paperback


Pathology: The Big Picture

by William Kemp

ISBN: 9780071477482

Binding: Paperback


Patient Safety

by Charles Vincent

When you are ready to implement measures to improve patient safety, this is the book to consult. Charles Vincent, one of the world's pioneers in patient safety, discusses each and every aspect clearly and compellingly. He reviews the evidence of

ISBN: 9781405192217

Binding: Paperback


Pediatric Infectious Diseases: Esst For Pract

by Shah

ISBN: 9781259861536

Binding: Hardback


Pediatrics PreTest, 14/E

by Pretest (Yetman)

ISBN: 9780071838443

Binding: Paperback


Perfect Gene Diet: Use Your Body's Own Apo E Gene And Integrative-Medicine Approach To Treat High Cholesterol, Weight Pr

by Pamela McDonald

This comprehensive work by integrative-medicine nurse-practitioner <b>Pamela McDonald</b> reveals the latest breakthrough in health and nutrition focusing on the Apo E gene, which affects cholesterol levels, heart and Alzheimer's disease and ...

ISBN: 9781401928483

Binding: Paperback


Philosophy of Expressive Arts Therapy: Poiesis and the Therapeutic Imagination

by Stephen K. Levine

ISBN: 9781787750050

Binding: Paperback


Phosphorous Dendrimers in Biology and Nanomedicine

Syntheses, Characterization, and Properties

by Anne-Marie Caminade

<P>Dendrimers, which are hyperbranched synthetic macromolecules, have attracted researchers? increasing interest over the last three decades owing to their numerous properties, in particular, in the fields of biology and nanomedicine. This book ...

ISBN: 9789814774338

Binding: Hardback


Physics and Chemistry at Low Temperatures

by Leonid Khriachtchev

<P>Tunneling reactions in chemistry are characterized by the low-temperature limit when the classical contribution is negligible. Many practical applications benefit from the lack of heat and have a deep physical basis. Interesting advantages of

ISBN: 9789814267519

Binding: Hardback


Plant-Based Diet For Dummies

by Marni Wasserman

<b>Get healthy, lose weight, and feel great on a plant-based diet</b> <p>The benefits of a plant-based diet have been publicized far and wide, and you can no longer deny it?you're fully ready to experience the health benefits of this lifestyle.

ISBN: 9781118830673

Binding: Paperback


Pocket Anatomy & Physiology

by Ken Ashwell

<i>Pocket Anatomy and Physiology</i> integrates structure and function at both the macroscopic and microscopic level, allowing the reader to see the connection between detailed anatomy and function. ...

ISBN: 9780857624642

Binding: Paperback


Pocket Guide to Critical Appraisal

by Iain Crombie

Everything you need to know to assess medical research is contained in this practical, accessible handbook. It provides a basic introduction to the principles and processes involved in critical appraisal, helping the researcher to make sense of ...

ISBN: 9780727910998

Binding: Paperback


Pocket Scavenger, The

by Keri Smith

How many different shaped leaves can you find? How many blue things? A piece of red string? What would you do with them? ...

ISBN: 9781846147098

Binding: Paperback