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Horrible Words: A Guide To The Misuse Of English

by Rebecca Gowers

<b>'Stuffed with entertaining detail ... <i>Horrible Words</i> is lively, provocative, witty and enlightening' </b><i><b>The Times</b></i><br><i></i><br><i></i>Nothing inflames the language purists like an illogical <i>irregardless</i> or a ...

ISBN: 9780141978970

Binding: Paperback


Horrorscopes: An Astrological Almanac

by Jonathan O'Brien

ISBN: 9781472114570

Binding: Hardback


Horse Sense

by Texas Bix Bender

Henry Ward Beecher said "the common sense of one century is the common sense of the next."That said, these pocket-sized humor books pack quite a bit of punch-lines that is. With more than1.5 million copies in print, their all-new look will leave

ISBN: 9781423607076

Binding: Paperback


Hot Guys ABZ

Stay Calm and Look at Us

by punchline

<DIV><P>A bunch of hot guys in alphabetical order. What else do you need?</P><P>ABC books are for babies, but this one is full of hot babes. James Franco, Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Chris Evans,&#160;Kanye West, Orlando Bloom, and of course a ...

ISBN: 9781938093753

Binding: Board book


Houseplants and Hot Sauce

A Seek-and-Find Book for Grown-Ups

by Chronicle Books

<DIV><P>This cheeky take on seek and find features illustrated scenes from the life of a modern woman &ndash; from brunch with friends to shopping for succulents &ndash; with clever and funny challenges on every page. Lenny Letter contributor ...

ISBN: 9781452163130

Binding: Hardback


How I Became A Famous Novelist

by Steven Hely

<b>What Pete Tarslaw wants is simple enough-</b><b>Fame</b>. Realistic amount. Enough to open new avenues of sexual opportunity. Personal assistant to read mail, grocery shop, etc.<b>Financial comfort</b>. Never have a job again. Retire. ...

ISBN: 9781863955409

Binding: Paperback


How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane

And Other Lessons in Parenting from a Highly Questionable Source

by Johanna Stein

ISBN: 9780738217345

Binding: Hardback


How to Appear Normal at Social Events

And Other Essential Wisdom

by Lord Birthday

<DIV>Behold the wisdom of Lord Birthday: a tiny mustachioed king who is as insightful as he is ridiculous. His bite-sized illustrations capture the inherent comedy of being human, and his guidance appeals to anyone who is striving against the ...

ISBN: 9781449487966

Binding: Paperback


How to be a Cowboy

A Compendium of Knowledge and Insight, Wit and Wisdom

by Jim Arndt

Includes things you need to know about ranching, rodeoing, cooking, dancing, music, yodeling, boots, shirts, horses, hats, buckles, denim, lingo, poetry, and how to walk like a cowboy. This book presents cowboy history and culture through ...

ISBN: 9781423606420

Binding: Hardback


How To Be An Adult

A Book of Real Help

by Louise Dixon

<DIV>This wonderful book of advice for all those taking their first steps into adulthood looks back to times past &ndash; when life was, perhaps, simpler. Taken from the old household manuals that were a staple in every home in the days before ...

ISBN: 9781782438809

Binding: Hardback


How to Be Perfectly Unhappy

by Matthew Inman

<DIV>Matthew Inman serves another helping of thoughtful hilarity in this charming, illustrated gift book for anyone who is annoyed by the question: &ldquo;Are you happy?&rdquo;</DIV> ...

ISBN: 9781449433536

Binding: Hardback


How to Become a Federal Criminal: An Illustrated Handbook for the Aspiring Offender

by Mike Chase

&#8220;Somebody with credentials has combed through a mountain of boring literature, highlighted all the ticklish parts and served them up for appreciation. This is an excellent book for people who like to start sentences with &#8216;Did you ...

ISBN: 9781982112516

Binding: Hardback


How To Live Like Your Cat

by Stephane Garnier

A fun present for cat lovers everywhere: a light-hearted self-help guide to help you live more like your cat LET YOUR CAT BE YOUR LIFE COACH.Do cats worry about their pension? Nope. Do cats take on work they don't want to do? As if! Do cats ...

ISBN: 9780008276805

Binding: Paperback


How to Make Children Laugh

by Michael Rosen

ISBN: 9781787471573

Binding: Hardback


How to Play the Harmonica

And Other Life Lessons

by Sam Barry

Lost your dog? Call him home with a shrill whistle on your harmonica. Bored at work? Impress your colleagues with your witty banter and new thoughts on life. Tired of cooking? Throw in the apron and head out for Chinese ...in Beijing. With the ...

ISBN: 9781423605706

Binding: Paperback


How To Raise A Jewish Dog

by The Rabbis of the Boca Raton T

ISBN: 9781780227368

Binding: Paperback


How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids and be Ok with it

Real Tips & Strategies for Parents of Today's Gen Z Kids

by Lisa Sugarman

<p>Helicopter parent, tiger parent . . . lawnmower parent? Generation Z has a reputation of entitlement, but this attitude is often fostered by parents who mow down every obstacle in their child's path, never letting them fail. In How to Raise ...

ISBN: 9781641701617

Binding: Paperback


How to Talk Like You Know What You Are Talking About: Master the Art of Conversation

by Matthew J Doucet

Equal parts useful and esoteric, the collection of facts in How to Talk Like You Know What You're Talking About clears your path to sounding like the smartest person in any room you find yourself in. Your path to sounding like the smartest ...

ISBN: 9781604338621

Binding: Hardback


How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

and Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

by Zachary Auburn

ISBN: 9781473661608

Binding: Paperback


How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

by The Oatmeal

<DIV>A funny, creative selection of comics, facts, and instructional guides, which all stem from the creative wonderland at TheOatmeal.com. It is designed to create suspense/anticipation with page turns analogous to the experience of scrolling ...

ISBN: 9781449410247

Binding: Paperback